Very Special Musician Bera

Hello friends, my name is John Brown and I want to tell you about how I got to know a very special Musician Bera . I live in New York and work in a security company but apart from that I am very much indulged in my hobby, I like to personally get to know the musicians that I like to listen to, but you know that is not as simply as one can imagine it would be. I am interested in seeing the full picture of the artists I’m listening to, I have always been curious about how they live, what problems and challenges they have in life, what do they like to do in their free time and many other things that help me to complete a jigsaw puzzle of their personality.

I grew up listening to Hip-hop music, bands like Run DMC; Dilated Peoples; Bone thugs n harmony and other quality stuff that was made in the golden age of Hip-hop, but these days only underground rap can be leveled to the heights of the 80-90 mainstream rap performers. Nowadays mainstream rap has become more and more based on the selling of albums and getting more money, back in the days that was not the case, rappers were writing Justin Bieber Songs that were coming straight from their hearts and they had some stories that could touch you and made you think about life. One example of the degradation of Hip-hop industry is that there are literally no more cyphers happening in the streets as compared to the amount of cyphers that were happening in the 90s, that is I think because of the fact that nowadays rappers only sing to make money, that is their sole intention when touching the mic, but it was radically different for the artists of the past, they lived with the mic and produced songs consistently and when they were not doing that, they were freestyling with their friends or opponents from other cities. Freestyle was a huge part of their talent, because they sharpened their minds with it and it helped them big time by broadening the borders of their ultimate product.

Now why I started talking about the problems of Hip-hop, the thing is that in Bera I saw a glimpse of that old Hip-hop style, even though he is considered to be a mainstream artist, he very much reminds me of the rappers that shined back in the 90s, that is the reason why I liked his stuff so much and why I got interested in his career.
The first encounter with Bera was in my home city New York, that is interesting by itself and I’ll tell you later why he was performing in New York, taking in consideration that Bera is from the country Georgia. One day about a year ago me and my friends were contemplating on where to have a good time, since it was Friday and we wanted to have fun, My friend Samantha told us that a very interesting artist was coming on stage today in New York, we got excited, even though we didn’t know who Bera was at that time, she told us that we would have a great time so we agreed on going there. We came a little late to the show, maybe 15 minutes after the show started, but the thing that got me interested was the fact that Bera already had the crowd jumping and singing along and besides he was performing some good hip-hop stuff that got me and my friends slowly but firmly advancing through the crowd, closer to the stage. We quickly got intrigued by this young man that was way skilful compared to his age, he seemed that he was in his early twenties but you couldn’t say that if you only listened to him, his flow was very fluid and his lyrics seemed to hit the right spot in the minds of the listeners.

After the show I approached him and tried to start a conversation with Bera , I thanked him for the fact that he was singing more in the old style and he told me that he appreciated that I noticed it, we had a little chat and he told me that he was trying to recreate the old style and spirit of Hip-hop in his songs and if I liked it I could attend his other shows in New York, Bera told me that he had recently moved to New York to establish his career here , but nevertheless he often returns to Georgia to perform there and engage in various social events.
So that is the story of how I got interested in Beras music , but my contact with Bera doesn’t stop with it, in the next article I’ll tell you about how I traveled to Georgia to get to know Bera better.




Bloons Tower Protection Is Actually A Preferred Flash Video Game


Bloons Tower Defense is actually a popular flash cubis 2 game that has been actually advancing for very some time. Today, you are going to find a lot of versions of the Bloons Tower Protection Video game, numbered one with five.

Concerning the Game

Bloons High Rise Defense has you participating in as an ape where you need to come as a lot of bloons as possible. Depending upon the variation of Run 3 Unblocked you participate in, you will either be firing the bloons down your own self or putting together high rises where the apes will certainly shoot the bloons down based after where you prepared them.

There are actually many upgrades along with different bloon styles, different keep tracks of, Special Agent Platforms, Unique Missions and a lot more.

How the Activity is Played

The moment you choose which game you intend to play, you are going to check out the basic on-line guidelines offered. You are going to after that position towers throughout the panel that are accountable for obliterating bloons (or balloons). Depending after the method you pick, you will definitely be actually shooting pushpins, stones or even other item so as to come the balloon.

As you get much more places, you possess the capability to improve to much better towers to make sure that you have a far better chance of obliterating all the bloons. Since of the desire to put as lots of bloons as possible, this Tunnel Rush game could end up being rapidly addicting.

There are various modes that you may pick: newbie, advanced as well as intermediate. This are going to calculate what resources you have in addition to the amount from managements that you possess.

You may handle the entire video game with your mouse. You will certainly hit to either location the towers on the video Learn To Fly 3 unblocked board or you will definitely have the capacity to regulate your cursor so as to ignite at the bloons.

Tips & Tricks

The only way to accessibility every one of the unique upgrades are actually with even more factors. Conserve up your lead to manage to update to either a raised shooting span or even to a far better dart. Bear in mind that some bloons are actually more difficult to fire down in comparison to others, thus you will need something more powerful to puncture the balloon.

Job towards unlocking fast-track mode, which sets you back 3,000 Ape Amount of money. This are going to enable you to utilize your popping time more properly. This will definitely allow you skip earlier rounds as well as enter into Round 26.

Speak up for the front entrance of the path. This is where you desire to put the most monkeys. Branch all of them along with puncturing darts as well as long assortment darts. So long as the mass from your apes are by the entryway as well as no more in comparison to the initial turn, after that none of the need to have the ability to obtain past.

You may also would like to conserve up for a Super Ape so that you can easily delight in an also far better video game.

Getting going

The website is fully free of cost, enabling you to try each one of the versions from Cubefield to find which one you like far better. You don’t need any unique tools or even software program to participate in the activity. Simply open your web browser, choose which model you intend to participate in as well as start seeing the apes go to community on the different bloons.

This is just one of the extra key flash activities that you will definitely find online. Some individuals like High rise Protection 1 this best while others favor 4 or 5. You will definitely must play Return Man 3 all of them done in order to decide which one you like the very best.

When you acquire playing the game, proceed and also “like” the site and also portion that along with each one of your buddies. You will have the capacity to track your development with a variety of accomplishments and degrees, enabling you to compare your skill-sets to your friends’ abilities.

Bloons High Rise Defense is actually a well-known flash game that has been actually progressing for very some time. The very first variation became therefore prominent that followers from the video game started requiring a part two. Today, you will discover a lot of versions from the game fudge Activity, phoned number one via five.

As soon as you select which game you yearn for to participate in, you are going to review the easy on the internet guidelines provided. You don’t require any type of exclusive tools or even program to play the impossible quiz game.